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Data Science Quarterly® #

Data Science Quarterly promotes the discipline of data science, showing its relevance to all organizations and to social and political discourse. Data Science Quarterly combines the best attributes of academic journals and popular news magazines. Its articles draw on high-quality empirical research written in clear and concise language that anyone can understand.

This online version of Data Science Quarterly is a free news service. It includes short articles and commentary about current events and summaries of selected articles from past and future issues of the electronic and print versions.

An electronic version of Data Science Quarterly will be available worldwide as an annual subscription service. A print version will be available as an annual subscription service in the United States. Electronic and print versions will be available in 2024.

Interested in contributing a research article, opinion piece, case study, or review? See Submissions.

Editorial Team #

  • Thomas W. Miller, Editor-in-Chief
  • Elaine Joy (EJ) Basa, Managing Editor
  • Mark Allen Schumacher, Associate Editor
  • Caitlin Lair, Editorial Assistant
  • David Lobue, Research Associate
  • Agustin Bayer, Research Intern

Special thanks to Northwestern University for supporting the journal’s research efforts.

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