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Accepting submissions for future issues in 2022. Volume 1, Number 2 focuses on data science and free speech. We welcome research papers, reviews, case studies, and opinion pieces about anything that interferes with or has interfered with the free flow of information. Suggested topics:

  • Access to Data and Information. Has any individual or group ever blocked, limited, or delayed access to data you needed for a project? Applied inappropriate charges? Otherwise hindered your progress?

  • Validity of Data and Information. Has anyone ever falsified information or withheld sensitive portions of the information you intended to publish?

  • Political Correctness and Data. Has ideological compliance ever affected your presentation or interpretation of data? Has it affected the publication of papers, articles, books, or electronic reports?

  • Censorship and Data. Has anyone ever refused to publish your data because they may offend some groups or individuals (advertisers, political groups or activists of any stripe)? Have publisher policies ever blocked publication of your work or kept you from exploring particular topics?

  • Politics, Economics, and Journalism. Can you describe instances in which political, educational, or economic forces have interfered with the publication or interpretation of data?

  • Marketplace of Ideas. Have you experienced anything else that has interfered with the free flow of data and information?

About Data Science Quarterly

Data Science Quarterly from Research Publishers LLC promotes data science as a discipline, showing its relevance to social and political discourse. Data Science Quarterly combines the best attributes of academic journals and popular news magazines. Its articles draw on high-quality empirical research written in clear, concise language that anyone can understand.

To trust the news, we want to see the data behind it. Show us the research. Show us the science. To trust an argument, we want to see evidentiary support and correct logic. These values are reflected in the journal's tagline: Following the data, leading with science.

The print version of Data Science Quarterly is available for distribution in the United States and with electronic file downloads available worldwide. The print version has issues in January, April, July, and October. Articles in the print version of Data Science Quarterly are organized under four major sections:

  • • The Opinion section comprises op-eds;
  • • The Research section presents peer-reviewed research;
  • • The Cases section describes practical problems, setting the stage for subsequent research; and
  • • The Reviews section includes commentary on technical books, software, and data sources.

The online version of Data Science Quarterly became active August 20, 2020 with the initial publication of The Virtual Tout ® election forecast. The online version is free for all Internet users and will be expanded with additional news and articles in 2021.

ISSN 2693-8871 (print)
ISSN 2693-8863 (online)

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